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Hemp and arthritis: wisdom I have learned from my grandmother

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Arthritis is caused by an inflammatory response from the body on the joints. It can cause swelling, pain, stiffness and limited movement of the joints. According to The Arthritis Foundation, one in every four adults suffers from arthritis. There are many medications available for treating arthritis, but unfortunately, come with a lot of side effects.

This is where hemp based products play a vital role in the effects that arthritis has. Hemp based products work with your body's endocannibinoid system. Hemp extract stimulates receptors in the body to reduce inflammation, which in turn, may help with symptoms caused by arthritis.

My grandmother has been dealing with arthritis for years. She has taken countless types of medications. Recently, I introduced her to a hemp based water soluble and topical salve. She was skeptical at first. I understood. Hemp has had a bad rap for the past few decades. After I told her that hemp products have very little if any side effects, (unlike the prescription medications she has been taking) she went ahead and gave it a try.

The effects were very positive and beneficial to say the least. She does still take her prescription medication for arthritis, but reports feeling a drastic improvement in the pain and less swelling and stiffness. She is now a firm believer in hemp and is able to enjoy more time painting and working on other art projects. As a child, I learned so many wonderful things from her (cooking, sewing, painting, etc). Now as an adult, I am pleased to share my knowledge about hemp and its amazing benefits. Knowledge and wisdom are priceless gifts of life. Check out the link below for a fast acting, hemp based, high-quality topical. As always, consult your healthcare professional before adding hemp to your daily routine. Stay safe and healthy!

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