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Furbabies need hemp too: a guide for pet lovers

Hemp based products are well known for their wonderful, beneficial effects on inflammation, pain, anxiety stress and trouble sleeping, but what about for our pets? The University of Colorado, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, conducted a clinical trial in 2016 on the effects of hemp based products on dogs and the potential to treat epilepsy. Both studies preformed were placebo controlled and double blinded. The studies were performed on client owned dogs. The hemp based group received hemp-infused oil (2.5 mg/kg [1.1 mg/lb], PO) twice daily for 12 weeks in addition to existing antiepileptic treatments, and the placebo group received noninfused oil under the same conditions. Seizure activity, adverse effects, and plasma hemp concentrations were compared between groups. Results show that dogs in the hemp based group had a significant (median change, 33%) reduction in seizure frequency, compared with the placebo group. It is also noted that dog owners did not notice any type of behavior changes with their pets. Just to note, 2.5mg of hemp per 1 lb is a lot of hemp for your pet! Typically 1mg per 5 lbs is a good start to introduce hemp to your cat or dog.

Hemp based products are not just beneficial for seizures in pets, but other symptoms as well. Hemp based products may help our furry family members with allergies, skin issues, pain, anxiety, inflammation and stress. Dogs, cats and other mammals have an endocannibinoid system (ECS) like humans. The ECS is a network of cell receptors and cellular activators in the body that regulate physiological processes, including stress, pain, mood, and inflammation.

Wondering how much hemp based product to give your cat or dog? Always consult your trusted veterinarian before adding hemp based products to your furbaby's routine. A good, unbiased research tool is Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting. They provide information and resources needed to make the best decision on how much hemp based product to give your pet. A good starting point is 1mg of hemp based product per 5 lbs. Check out one of my favorite pet treats by Pinnacle Hemp. Maximus and Aphrodite absolutely love these!

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