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A runner's guide to hemp and muscle recovery

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

It all started one early morning in the winter of 2015. Cool, brisk morning. Headphones snuggled under a warm, dryfit headband to keep them secure. Newtons double knotted so my focus is kept on my pace and not elsewhere. As I set my TomTom watch to start recording my time and pace, I inhale and exhale and take in the moment. I absolutely love cold weather runs. I love the cold air entering my lungs. I love how it energizes and motivates me to run faster and harder. What I love the most is how any run, whether fast, slow, short or long can really.... I mean really.... clear my head. That is the root of my running addiction. I run for the stress relief. With two kids, a husband and a full time job as a nurse in the Emergency Department, I need any opportunity for stress relief. Today is one of my usual routes. Up the Farm To Market road, down to another suburban style neighborhood and back home. Out and backs are easy and mindless. Unfortunately, this run wound up being a bit problematic for me. As I was crossing over a curb to cross the road, I landed wrong on my right foot. It ached slightly at first, but was not painful, so I kept running. My stubborn self ran at full training pace all the way home. You see, I had just qualified and been accepted into the 2016 Boston Marathon in my age group and I did not want any excuse to get in my way. It ached and was slightly swollen the next day, and my stubborn self again continued to run on it. I am such a stubborn runner, that I continued on several more months and ran the Boston Marathon as planned. When I finally admitted to myself that maybe I have more than just a strain in my foot, I made an appointment with the podiatrist. "Osteoarthritis in the second metatarsal of the right foot" is what the podiatrist reported. Not good, not good at all. The joint sprain from the running injury caused scar tissue to build up. In turn, that caused osteoarthritis.

Several sessions of physical therapy and wearing shoe inserts lied ahead of me the next few years. Then, one day, a close friend suggested an alternative treatment. She introduced a hemp based tincture to me. I had heard about using hemp to help with inflammation, pain and muscle recovery for endurance athletes (thank you Ben Greenfield Podcast) but was always hesitant. Like many people, when hear the word hemp, I think of the "Devil's Lettuce." As a Baptist girl growing up in the South, the idea seemed way out of my comfort zone. Ironically, my friend who introduced this hemp based potion to me had similar upbringings. Intrigued, but skeptical at the same time, I bought the hemp potion and started taking it once in the morning and once in the evening as she instructed me to do so. The first few days, I swore I had fallen for the latest snake oil. I did not feel any different. Day five, I woke up, hopped out of bed, and it hit me. "Wow, I feel like I just did a thirty minute yoga session." My whole body felt at ease, joints felt loosened. I felt ten years younger. Best of all, my foot felt better. Definitely not 100% (I am a realist ya'll) but definitely better than the week prior. What to do next, but go for a run. The real test. I laced my shoes up, earphones in and watch set to record. Definitely felt a difference. That second joint with all of the stiffness and scar tissue built up, was indeed a lot looser. It felt the best it had felt in months. I immediately shared the good news with my friend.

What causes hemp to help with pain and inflammation? The answer might surprise you. You see we all have an endocannabinoid system. This system has different receptors in the body that are stimulated by hemp based molecules. The hemp based products may help keep this system in balance. The more balanced your system is, the better you may feel.

This, of course, is my own personal experience with hemp based products. I use several different hemp based products in my daily routine. I take hemp based Kalki water soluble twice a day and add in an extra amount on post recovery days. Hemp based Axton Pain Cream is my go-to for instant topical relief. You can find these hemp products as well as other high quality hemp based products, at the link below! Enjoy and keep on running!

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